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General Rules & Guidelines

  1. Be respectful towards other players. Excessive cursing, harassment and rudeness will not be tolerated.
  2. Spamming is not appreciated.
  3. Avoid linking:
  4. Don't encourage others to break any of our rules/guidelines.
  5. Report all bugs/issues to staff members immediately (create a support ticket). Any exploitation of bugs or exploits of any kind will result in termination.

In-Game Rules & Guidelines

If you're caught breaking one of the following rules, your chance of a successful appeal will be very slim.

  1. No Cheating - modifications which give you an unfair advantage over other players are not permitted. Lists of allowed and dis-allowed modifications are shown below. Please note: these lists are subject to change at any time.
  2. Respect other players' privacy - sharing of others' personal information is prohibited. 'Personal information' includes (but isn't limited to):
  3. No Threats (DDoS, 'Swatting', etc.) - these actions aren't only prohibited on our servers, but also in the real world. If you're caught threatening (whether it be a joke or a real threat), you'll be banned from all of our services. If you're found to partake in such activities, you'll be reported without notice.
  4. No Scamming/Phishing - anyone found to be soliciting another player's account(s) will be banned without warning and will not be unbanned. Actions include (but aren't limited to):

Out-Of-Game Rules & Guidelines

Forum Guidelines

  1. Avoid insulting other users and provoking them into making rule-breaking posts.
  2. Don't 'bump' posts or threads uselessly unless the content is useful to a current situation.
  3. Avoid posting irrelevant information in a thread which doesn't add to the current discussion.
  4. Don't spam a thread asking for it to be closed, PM a forum moderator or admin to get it closed.

TeamSpeak Guidelines

  1. Do not impersonate other users or staff members whilst on TeamSpeak.
  2. Use of your in-game name whilst on TeamSpeak will enable easy identification.
  3. Don't 'spam-join' channels or be a nuisance while on the TeamSpeak server.
  4. Don't stop other users from using our TeamSpeak server, this includes (but is not limited to): Attempts to crash a users TeamSpeak client


These rules may be changed at anytime without prior notification and/or approval of any user