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A lot of you (at least the staff) might be bored of my posts, but since this probably is my last post here I hope you can live with that ;)

My name is Daniel. I'm from Sweden, I'm currently 16 years old and this will be my lifestory from kPvP:

I joined the server around October last year. I didn't played much at that time since I was at that moment Mod on Kyle's MLG server and mostly spended the time on there. I used kKits mostly to tell Kyle about some stuff since he was kinda bad at reading Skypemessages (sorry Kyle :3). Later on closed and I started to play here instead. I really enjoyed it because of the awesome community. I keept playing on the server since I really enjoyed it not only because of the forum also the server itself was really fun...

Later on, around 12:48 the 22nd December 2013, I got the enforcer rank on the server. I was really proud of getting that rank so I spended many hours moderating the 1v1 arena. I got many new friends during this time. The staff overall were really nice and we had fun together. I was enforcer for 7 months and 1 day. After that I got contacted my Cake on Skype around 23:45 (23rd July) and he asked me if I could log on TS. Right there he told me the news that I was getting promoted to Moderator. Guess if I was happy? ^^ Honestly that have been sort of my goal, to achieve the Moderator rank. With that I don't mean that I didn't enjoyed the way to it.

Around 1 and a half week later when I was on a little holiday trip and checked the forum on my phone one morning I became really shocked. The server was gonna close :(. I will/had the chance to be Moderator on this server for like 3 weeks...

kPvP has been a great experience for me and I've really enjoyed the time here. It's really unfortunate that this is gonna end, but everything can't last forever even though I would like to play more on here... :(

kPvP will always have a special place in my heart and I'll never forget it! <3

Done with the unfortunate stuff. We can't cry forever? ^^

Hopefully we will meat again, since Kyuhl, CakePvP and njb_said are gonna make a new server which I hope is going to be popular... ;)

Since most of the people are doing in their "Goodbye Posts", I'm also gonna thank a few people by person even though I like all the people who have played here (well, almost everyone...)

To start if of I would like to thank all the staff on the server for always being nice to me. You welcomed me into your group when I got promoted and made me feel appreachiated. Thank you so much for that! :) I'm not sure if I'll meat you in the future... If not, then I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your life :)


When I first contacted you by mail you were always really helpful and kind to me. This was one thing that made me keep playing on the server. Thank you so much for that. That's a thing kPvP should be proud of... 


Thanks for all the work you've done with all the coding. I can't say that I know you well but you are still friendly when I've talked to you (even though you could work at responding posts and msg's) I hope to see you soon on your new server ;)


I didn't knew you so well, but your name is Daniel, which is the best name, so that's cool. You were still kind when I spoke with you. I'm not sure if I'll meat you in the future... If not, then I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your life :)


You have always been kind and helpful. I didn't spoke to you much but even though that I still count you as a friend. I hope to see you soon on your new server :)


Well, I don't know you that well at all actually... I think I've spoken in the same ts room as you maybe 2 or 3 times. Anyway, thanks for everything you've done to kPvP with all the coding. Same with you, I hope to see you soon on your new server... ^^


I've already mentioned this on your post, but still. You were/are always really friendly and funny talk to. You made me enjoy playing on the server by beeing so friendly. I really hope to keep in touch with you in the future :)


Really cool guy. Funny to talk to and always ready to help. Cool guy overall ;)


You are really funny. I've enjoyed playing with you. I'm not really sure how I started to know you but I remember that we always truced in HG. It just happend even though we never really said something about it. We just didn't attacked each other. I will also rememer all the "IRL pics" of your minecraftskin you have sent to me through Snapchat xD


I've spoken to you quite much lately. To bad for you that you are starting your work and won't be able to play that much anymore :/ Anyway, we still had fun together and I really hope that we can keep in touch in the future...


You have always been one of my best friends on the server. I really hope and think that we will still be friends in the future ;)


I haven't spoke with you in ages. But since you showed me the server I still want to thank you for that. You were kind and funny to talk with :)

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all the players on the server. It won't have been nothing without you and I hope that I've been nice towards

If I had time I would have mentioned a lot more people. So I'm sorry if I didn't mentioned you :/

I'm gonna end this with a video that contains nearly all my screenshots from kPvP. Enjoy!

Once again guys. Thanks for Everything! <3

That's all from me guys. See you later! ;)

/98DF98 (Daniel)




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roebe99 roebe99 6 years ago

Such a great story! =) 2:27 the steve skin is real m8's! Hope we stay in touch in the future, Daniel! =)

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