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JPWx JPWx 6 years ago

Ok guys so whats up, i would just like to say goodbye to you all, it has been a fun time and i first joined the server with the WDM People when we was arguing with SnokesPvP  and we came on to shit talk you and then ended up as friends but yaknow YOLO And all that swag, then i have spent a lot of time on the server having a good time playing with members such as 






Deadly'MAH NIGGA' Splinter



Zesturd and alot more people,

although im pretty sure cake hates me it was a good time whilst we played haha

and although i quit pretty much completely about 2 months ago now, i came on and seen domos skype as this and figured i had better come and say bye to mah boys, who some of which i have played with for over 3 years which is pretty insane considering i have never met any of them. 

But i may still go egx with you lads just for the shits and gigs as ya know why the fuck not?? even though my life has now ended in me just going out and getting drunk all the time, i guess i can still game whilst recovering? AM I RIGHT? but ye no one really even attempts to talk to me from this community anymore, but i have the memories to remember it from i guess. such as MY FUCKING DICK BEING SENT AROUND (dirtperson) and then my other nudes yea its made me smile just thinking about all the shit that has happened its been a good time, miss you all long time

So yea i guess guys PEACE Out, and good luck to aero and cake in the future you two should do well with the skills you have developed and shit from doing this for the last 2 years. and domo well you've been good at sitting and watching? xD 

but ye the rest of the staff are alright i suppose except for kyuhl and deadly they're both dik'eds

but yea i suppose, if i see any of you ill see ya!

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Kyuhl Kyuhl 6 years ago

luv u jam3s

DomoPvP DomoPvP 6 years ago

top lad

DeadlySplinter DeadlySplinter 6 years ago

Racist Cnut horror. <4

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