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CallumBeasty3 CallumBeasty3 6 years ago

I by no means have a place here,

Nor do I care if you hate or point it out or delete my thread.

But I  felt the need to say goodbye.

I made a video with some of my favorite memories .

I have to thank some people who were and are my friends.

Cheesekid2 - You're a great guy, you deserve everything good that comes your way, we met over a year ago and still to this day are friends you're awesome dude <3

TheUnderCoverDj - I met you a year ago to :) we played WDMKits all the time we both donated and we both had a awesome time, we basically battled for the top kill count ( I won ;) ) You where what I considered a best friend, stay amazing.

Kyuhl - I know you dislike me, but you're a great server owner/admin I had some fun times with you Kyle which I don't regret, I seen you as a awesome guy who always delt with things perfectly, I know you're gonna hate me for posting this link but I had too <3 keep being yourself man ;)

Plastikpeppi1 - although you only came to me in the past months you're a funny, nice, helpful, amazing, cool and never the less caring guy, I couldn't ask for more from you, you will always be my friend.

StormTigerZ - We where best friends back in the day, we played HG daily and you'd always give me the wins, stay StormTigerish :P

DomoPvP - Great guy, you only came to me recently too, but where a chill guy, always helped me when I needed it in hardcore :), I don't care if you, aero or anyone caused the closure, You're a great owner.

dirtperson - WastedKnife made me find you and god where you a funny guy, although you hate me now, we had some great times on my server :) Stay cool dude.

WastedKnife - Can't forget you ;) we were friends on my server too, you were so chill and always there to support me, Thanks :)

JoshWDM - First time I played with you was on WDMKits when you trolled me :) we were pretty good mates back then.

jiveturkeey - Could never forget you, you where the first kPvP mod I ever met, you where enforcer when we started talking :) we had some funny and cool times together and I trolled you alot, but you where also very nice and chill ( can't say that now ;) ) Stay swag.

DarthCrush - You wont remember this, I joined teamspeak and you said "No point in trying for enforcer I tried for 8 months" look at you now :) Funny silly and cool dude.

kPvP 2012-2014

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DarthCrush DarthCrush 6 years ago

:) Nice vid will miss ya if we don't speak.

DomoPvP DomoPvP 6 years ago

miss ya :(

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CallumBeasty3 CallumBeasty3 6 years ago

Best video innit

Robin_DD_J Robin_DD_J 6 years ago

You forgot to pray

StormTigerZ StormTigerZ 6 years ago

Do you have downs its were not where ; ] FHRITP

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