kPvP is closing click here for info

hazzaj16 hazzaj16 6 years ago

To be honest ive been on this server for a while now and I can sort of see why you want to shut it down but this is just to say that all of the other players want it to stay. This is one of the only servers i play on, if i goes down ill probs quit mc fully. Who cares if we don't get as many players as we used to its not about that its that if the players now that are playing are having a great time and enjoying it which the majority of the players on the server do. This server probably has the best community of any servers that I know and it always thinks of things to change the server not always things but also some minor tweaks which finish off a kit ability. We have the best staff of any server that I know of and im sure everyone would agree with that.

So yeah keep this server up if your making the new one make a hub with this still on it!

Add any points i missed in the comments below!! Or compliments to the server and the staff!

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CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

The server isn't closing down because of lack of players etc, there is more to it. The descision has already been made.

kPvP is over

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