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DarthCrush DarthCrush 6 years ago

Since I'm on holiday at the moment I don't know excactly what's going on but I read the forum posts and get what's happening.

The server

I've played kings now for over 18 months and it's never bored me. I remember the days back in late 2012 where it would get 10 players daily, think how far it's come from that. Thanks so much to all the staff, especially Aero and Cake for making the server what it is. I have some memories on kings I hope I'll remember forever; like when I got enforcer or when I first joined ts, deadly's dubstepping or jackrg, akin and me pvping at mountain.


You've all been great guys over the last year or so and it's been amazing talking to you all. I trust some if you guys more than I do with my IRL friends. You're all so friendly and great guys (and emelia). I believe that kings is the best community in minecraft. We're all so close being a small community and are all so nice. Thank you everyone for making my time on kings so good.

I would like to say a big thank you to a few certain people:

Speakmm: Probably the most active and helpful mod we've seen here on kpvp.

CrsEU: Very active and helpful.


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TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago

I think that the loaf has been cut short here. I think that we need to thank a bit more people like Mazza. Best enforcer plus the server has had. Ever.

CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

Bye Darth, thanks for everything. I'm happy to have met you as you're a great friend.

DeadlySplinter DeadlySplinter 6 years ago

I actually logged in to say you're a fucking legend.

DarthCrush DarthCrush 6 years ago

<3 Deadly

Thanks everyone

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