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ShaddyPvP ShaddyPvP 6 years ago

so yeah, I don't know where to start because I have so many good and bad memories about kPvP. well but let's get started with it

Aero: I have never really talked to you, but thank you for creating this awesome community, website and server

Domo: a big thanks to domo for being there whenever we needed help with anything. thank you domo  

Cake: thanks for creating this server how it is today, kPvP probably wouldn't be alive with your hard work thanks for everything

njb: I appreciate your work for kPvP and you really helped cake out with coding stuff and helping the server with everything you could do, thanks man

Nik: thanks for all the awesome work you did for kpvp, banning hackers all day and helping whenever you can. thanks dude

Kyle: kyle you were always a funny bone and a cool guy to hang around with thanks for the great time interviewing some hax0rs but youre still a lad

jive: jive is my number 1 pt I love him, always being helpful and funny I hope we can stay in touch

Deadly: whenever he was in the channel we always had fun, I hope we can continue this.
akin: thanks to akin for explaining new mods and enforcer how the commands work and banning hackers all day, gratz to mcpvp mod you really deserved it

Shabuwa: I don't really know you, but I am sure you did great work for the server

xRaikoh and DSlayer14: thanks for being one of the greatest people I met out there, stay awesome

Sizter: what could I say? Sizter was always funny and we had a great time on chaincraft and kpvp thanks bud

Unknown_Cookie: we didn't talked that much in ts but when you were in the ts it was really funny, thanks

Robin: robin is a really nice guy always trying to help out everyone, I appreciate your work thanks for the great time

Panda: panda and me always had a great time chatting and talking in ts and playing hg together. thanks panda

98DF98: I feel bad because you just got mod and don't have a chance to enjoy the awesome time as a mod on kpvp, but thanks for your great work kicking ffaers and thanks for trying to help out with your helpful posts

speakmm: thanks for everything you did on kpvp and helping other people out when they needed help

Cheese: always a funny and cool guy on ts and on skype thanks for the great time on kpvp

stian: I like your name and always being funny and kicking ffaers thanks for everything you did

roebe: everyone wanted you as an enforcer and I knew that you would do a great job and you did an awesome job as an enforcer. I will miss your long posts in the skype chat

Phoenix: I didn't like you that much at the start but then you turned out to be a nice and kind guy, thanks for your work at kpvp

MrLegendairyCow and TheUnderCoverDj: thanks for all the great time on kpvp and on ts I hope we will still talk to eachother in ts

Rodrigo: always better then me at pvp, teached me how to pvp right and we had a great time playing coc PS: they kicked me out of the clan l0l but YOLO

Infamous: we had great times on ts (sorry for all the offending jokes <3) always a fun guy sometimes going on the nerves when playing but that made him awesome. thanks for the great time. us rich kid

Darth: wow. I didn't expect you getting enforcer after saying that (you know what) well sometimes it is what it is, always kicking ffaers and helping out whenever he can and a good tracker

Craftey: I was playing with you hg and kpvp 24/7 you introduced me plastik and I wouldn't be an enforcer/mod without you. thanks for the great times we had on ts and skype.

Plastik: thanks for being the best person I met out here without you and craftey I would be nothing. we had bad and good times playing hg and kpvp. trolling people on /warp hg having fun on ts and killing marcus trying to kill us. thanks for this awesome time. I won't forget it.

jeppa: I just love this guy, kpvp would just make half fun without him. we just had awesome times playing kpvp and clash of clans. you are one of my best friend on the internet I really appreciate that thanks for ALL THE GREAT TIME WE HAD!! I LOVE YOU JEPPA! stay awesome. Jag hoppas att vi spelar ännu

and I want to thank the kpvp community you guys are awesome thanks for all the great time and having the best community i've ever seen. thanks to everyone out there.

 thanks for everything you did to me I wouldn't be the one that I am today I love you guys. thanks for the great time we had and I hope I will stay in touch with everyone here.

Goodbye kPvP I will miss you.

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Robin_DD_J Robin_DD_J 6 years ago

Thanks to you aswell shaddy.. You were one of the best mods!!

98DF98 98DF98 6 years ago

Thanks for mentioning me :) 

I'll miss you and I hope that I can keep in touch with you. (I got you on snapchat so you don't have much of a choice ;P)

"See you later! " you were a really nice person and a good friend ;) 

roebe99 roebe99 6 years ago

Thanks man <3 I`ll miss you.. Good luck with everything you wanna do in your life! You were a great Mod and always really kind to me...


moinman2639 moinman2639 6 years ago

Hey Patrick, danke für alles was du für kPvP getan hast.
Hoffe dass wir trotzdem mal über Skype noch Kontakt halten... <3

TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago

I'll be there to talk anytime xD 

jeppa1 jeppa1 6 years ago

haha <33 love u

Kyuhl Kyuhl 6 years ago

"Kyle: kyle you were always a funny bone and a cool guy to hang around with thanks for the great time interviewing some hax0rs but youre still a lad"

love u 2 m7

CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

Thanks Shaddy <3

Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago

ily, bye D;

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