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Phoenix_Shreddie Phoenix_Shreddie 6 years ago

I always liked kings as a server, all of the staff, and all of the players are/were kind. I loved my time on kPvP. I became quite an active player although not that mature, One day at around 10am, Sam(fred) suggested me as enforcer, I was really surprised as I was moved in, as I didn't expect it, Domo asked me if I wanted enforcer, so i replied obviously... I thought I was being tricked until I actually looked at the room I was in, I guess I must have sounded quite rude, I think most players would have said thank-you so much for this opportunity  or something. I enjoyed my few months as enforcer, it was one of the funnest times of my life, we would speak to the mods and admin of kings, the rank opened up a new world basically, I had eventually done something that I had been trying to do. Then as it was going great, EULA was announced and ruined it all, servers were crumbling, just because Mojang is stupid... (My opinion) We all understand why they have done it but we all know that its a bad idea, Mojang just wanted people to use realms, and make even more money. Kings was still going strong when this was announced Cake Aero and Domo were making solutions to the problems that Kings was facing, I felt happy that kings would survive the EULA, or so I thought, As the EULA approached, the server slowly crumbled, first PvP Dojo stole most of the players, this hit kings hard. Right b4 one of the biggest problems Kings ever faced, so Kings fell, they decided to shut down kings, for good... All of us who played regularly and enjoyed it were quite upset, but we heard news that a new type of server may come out... this gave us hope, I think im droning on a bit now.

Special thanks:

MrLegendairyCow: you were the first person I ever met on the kPvP teamspeak, you're a good friend and you're kind, even if u ever get really pissed at me u seem to let it go.

TheUnderCoverDj: your Cow's brother, I didn't speak to you that much, but whenever we did and we played hg we always won so thankyou.

Colsh25: thanks for the fall damage.

Stian12345678901: It was nice knowing u and you are always nice.

Roebe99: I knew I would spell your name right someday, you were always on kings and whenever I needed help you would try your best to do so.

Rodrigo: All I know is that ur amazing at pvp :)

InfamousPvP: We didn't always get along but, thanks fatty.

DarthCush/or crush...: you weren't always nice to me but I forgive u :).

Raikoh and Dslayer: I didn't really know u guys but u are great builders.

Unknown_Cookie: Always in teamspeak nicknamed ConnectionBasedPvP Good guy and talks too much. :)

Robin, Sizter, Shaddy, speak, and panda: I didn't really get to know u guys but I hope I do someday.

98DF98: I didn't really know u, but Im glad that you got mod after your long term effort, you deserved it I'm just sorry it was at such a bad time.

CheeseKid2: the first mod I ever spoke to on kPvP your always mature and patient its nice to know some1 like you thanks m8.

Akinator127: You're way too smart and It's good, your kind and nice to talk to, just thanks for talking back...

Deadly: I was fine with you and I wasn't really that good to u though I hope u can for being and "annoying faggot" as u said in ur post

Jive: not much to say you're a turkey :)

NikTW: one of the best admins ever(srry kyuhl) He had the most bans and whenever I see him now I have to say "long time no 6 hour tempban" because that was the last thing we did b4 he went to boarding school.

Kyuhl: Your a cewl guy I wish u luck in the future.

NJB: amazing at coding m8 gl.

Cake: we had our ups and downs but It was a pleasure anyway.

Domo: doesnt care so thats cool but Im slightly worried about his future.

Aero: that cool guy who I know nothing about but he is very good with we design.

This is me saying this is the end and I have to accept it Sorry if I left you out there were so many people I want to say thank you to.

Good luck emillia you came so close its a shame you never got enforcer even though you were so close, good luck, and I hope you oneday reach your goal if kings ever comes back.


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98DF98 98DF98 6 years ago

Thanks for this time Phoenix_Shreddie, and I hope to hear from you in the future... :) 

"See you later!"

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colsh25 colsh25 6 years ago

Bye, the fall damage was my pleasure

TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago

Shred shred, if u wanna win HG just ask. 

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Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago

Bye ;(

DarthCrush DarthCrush 6 years ago

Wasn't always nice to you? Fuck off go suck a fat one you little ****.


Sorry if I'm a dick I'm only joking. 

Luv you :( <3

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