kPvP is closing click here for info

harv2014 harv2014 6 years ago

I haven't been on the server as long as all you lot but I am reaally going to miss you all and the server, it has been the best server i have ever joined so i am going to say a big thank you for making it!

DomoPvP, CakePvP and AeroPvP, you probably don't know me but you have done great in making the best server and i hope you do well in the future!

I really wish i had joined the server earlier because everyone on here seems to be such great people and i really wish i could have been part of it but its coming towards the end and everyones upset and the eula has to seperate uss :c

Byeee everyone its been a good time! ;c

emiliasandstrom emiliasandstrom 6 years ago · Last edited 6 years ago by emiliasandstrom

Bye harv ;( you will always be my /warp main buddy :)

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