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jon_boiii jon_boiii 6 years ago

Hey Guys, i've been playing Kings for a while now off and on and i was the biggest random months ago (probably still am) but i've been playing it a lot more over the past few months and i've had an amazing time and met a lot of amazing people who i hope to still talk to regularly (skype,ts) So a big thank you to:

Unknown_Cookie: IRL Friend, i showed you what MCPVP was back in 2012 when we were randys, bit of skid but yeah
MrLegendaryGrape: IRL Friend, bit of a dickhead at times and he cmd pinged me 20mb and it hit me off, but i couldn't ask for a better friend
Kyle_boiii: IRL Friend, always up for a laugh and i speak to him every single day for atleast 20 hours
MrLegendairyCow: Wee Cow, such a lad, had some funny times with him, such a nice dude, bit of a skid though
TheUnderCoverDj: Such a nice guy, absolutely fucking destroyed him on COD, but he's so chill 
DeadlySplinter: Much Banter, Such Wow. Best rapper ever.
InfamousPvP: So FAT. 81 Years old and he still skates, wow oh wow. So phunny.
Cheesekid2: Generally a nice lad, you can't not like him, if you need him he's always there, one of the best mods.
PlastikPeppi1: YES PLASTIK! always laughing when you're around! Had fun times playing with you and hopefully they carry on!
Emiliasandstrom: Truced up! Always see you playing and you're really good, such a nice person.
Phoenix_Shreddie: Such a nice skid, feel sorry for you after this, hope you find something new to do!
Akinator127: Such a chill down to earth guy. Sorry for making him build a mini game in HG then i killed myself before he finished. GG
Mfsxc: Bare hypixlings| MEGA WALLS????? 
Mecterial: Rat Boyyyyyyyyyyy!
Jiveturkeey: Haven't really spoke to you a lot but when you're in the teamspeak rooms it's so funny, have a bit of banter!
Ninja_Gene: Wee lad! Played a lot of PS3 Minecraft with you.
DarthCrush: Yes CarthDrush what's up?! Hopefully you still play with me and everyone, such a cool dude.
Hasteyy: Used to play with you a long time ago and have just started to again. So chill, but your snapchats are fucking weird.
stian12345678901: Had some funny HG games with you and at warp hg, such a nice guy!
Muppet_PvP: Best Stomper NA lol. Really cool dude, hopefully we play more.

I will miss everybody that has made my time on this server a great one, i'm really sorry if i missed you and you can rage at me if i did:(
Hopefully we will all play together in the future on whatever servers will be made. Thanks again everyone. I'M OUT SEE YAH 


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Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago

Goodbye :)♡

jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

Cya Jony!

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