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MrLegendaryGrape MrLegendaryGrape 6 years ago

Hey guys so as we all know kpvp is closing down after two years.

The people i have met are crazy nice to me aspecially how much i shit talk, ddos threat, death threat, and hack, and all the rest of the stuff i have done.
these people give me chance after chance aspecially Deadly and Jive, i've been so Racist to them or just simply rude and im sorry for that i hope that this break will make us alot closer. I also forgot to mention Panda Bae ily your not black or life of pie xD your the colst chillst person ik.

UnknownCookie - Well he's my irl friend he can get pissed of with me but he will always be my best friend.

KyleBoiiiiiiiii - Well he is just a mug but and irl friend and will always be friends with him.

Jon_Boiii - Sick GFX maker would always love him Bae

Deadly - Well he's mai nigger and everyone elses met him at the start of Kpvp its sad to see it all go and i hope we can have some grate moments in the future.

Jive - Well we have had our moments but we have also had our good memories and i hope we can become friends again and i hope that you can forgive me

CheeseKid2 - Fucking awsome guy setting up our SMP server hope we all have fun and keep in contact.

Plastik - Well your a fucking legend you have gave me so meany chances as ive shit talked you so meany times and you still like me and are nice to me.

Infamoooooooooose - Well your a bae i fucking love your guts i won't ever lose touch with you babe.

Lewis//Cow - Well we will always stay in touch as were really good friends now even though ive only started speaking to you like 3 months ago but your such a chill/Funny person.

Darius//Dj - Well your lewis's twin so my feeling for lewis is my feeling for you mai friend hope you two stay with the crew

Phoenix - Well your a complete nugget, ik your upset about the server but chin up my friend.

Akinator - Well your a really nice person, love to watch some Anime with you some time ahahaha but overall amazing mod and gl with your future weather you stay with us or if you go solo.

Shaddy - GHG. nothing more i can say sept sorry for the Ddos threat.

Darth - Well your such a fucking cool person come play with us still please and have fun My Bae Darth.

Jeppa - Best mod plus NA hope when njb server come's up you get your mod+ back it might not be the same but hopefully it will replace the old memory's with new ones.

Kyuhl - Well we had some Small memory's But your my Welsh Nigwah.

CakePvP - Well you never really liked me but if your new server come's up hopefully ill pull a new leaf and be nice to people and show you who i really am and sorry for all that i have done with the server.

Njb - Well don't really know you but you don't really know who i am proply sept me shit talking and being annoying.

DomoPvP - Never Forget you hopefully we will still stay in contact our 2 Year Friendship dosn't go to shit and we still play some CS:GO and shit.

AeroPvP - Known you since kpvp opened Never really talked proply not inless were playing CS:GO we had a few laugh's but nothing serious.

Hope everyone has fun in there new year as most of us are 16 and going either 6 form or Collage so good luck to everyone else and yea peace guys.


P.S. Ive had a g8 time and yea.

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Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago

c ya 

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DeadlySplinter DeadlySplinter 6 years ago

Adam, you're a prick but youre kinda funny aswell. I know well stay in touch so there isnt much to say.

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DomoPvP DomoPvP 6 years ago

Cya Adam <3. Hopefully you'll have a few spelling lessons before College =D

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ZxCamxZ ZxCamxZ 6 years ago

Dirt you fucking welsh piece of shit suck a fucking egg you big sexy fuck love you bitch fuck

TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago

Cya thanks for the times u either were nice to me or completely and utterly racist.

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