kPvP is closing click here for info

DomoPvP DomoPvP 6 years ago

kPvP may only be staying for a few more days but jeppa got admin =D =D =D, Hopefully we can do something special before the server closes and even after that the teamspeak will be staying open :D

Goodnight all, It's been a tough day and I don't think I'll ever forget this.


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Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago · Last edited 6 years ago by Aeenath

Well, finally something good.

Congratulations Jeppa.

InfamousPvP InfamousPvP 6 years ago

gratz yep yep

jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago


Plastikpeppi1 Plastikpeppi1 6 years ago

you know jeppa. you were waiting way too long. if i wouldnt have messaged some people these 15 days wouldnt have been gud, but ya know jeppa, ur a gud boi, u deserved it after being staff for ALMOST 2 YEARS.

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roebe99 roebe99 6 years ago

Concratulation jeppa! =) 

Robin_DD_J Robin_DD_J 6 years ago





jeppa1 jeppa1 6 years ago

xd Thanks!

CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

Jeppa is love, jeppa is life

Why does he only have Mod+ on the forums though?

InfamousPvP InfamousPvP 6 years ago

xd Thanks!

jeppa1 6 years ago

You're Mod+ again D:

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