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DeadlySplinter DeadlySplinter 6 years ago

Well, i'm not going to write a huge story about how i got mod and so on. I'll just say the basics.

Its been over a year now since i first joined kPvP. I was introduced to this server by a good friend of mine who had to stop playing because he had a stroke. This was back in late 2012. After being active I decided that i needed to step it up and join ts. This is when i met my good friends and the OG crew, muncher, orlando, savalot, hatis, fruxe (back when he used a voice changer), cookie (before he brown tongued JoshWdm) and dirt (when he wasnt a prick). I used to sit in the same room as cake and fred without talk power and cake gave me talk power for ten seconds and that it when i said 'i'm gay'. 
After about another month, i was in a room with fluxar and fred where i was actually allowed to talk and fred poked fluxar something and they both left. When fred left fluxar came back and said to me 'dont tell him i told you, but if you are active for another couple of days you'll get enforcer'. Back then i was so happy to hear that but when fred said he quit being owner, i was so angry. about another 2 weeks later cake messaged me in 1v1, do you have skype and at that moment i knew it was coming.

after a bout a year of being semi active and surviving the enforce-pocalypse (where every enforcer got demoted except muncher orlando and myself), i finally got mod. It was during summer after my birthday when i was really try-harding and when the survival server was up. Cake, Aero and Domo called me on skype and told me i was getting Mod. During that call i said i had to go toilet but i literally danced my way there. Getting mod is so overwhelming and you're literally bombarded with the alerts and staff messages on the server. 

Another 3-4 months passed and all the admins + cake and domo moved me into a room and kyuhl took my rank and said you're getting demoted. he then gave me the newly added modplus rank and i became the third modplus on kpvp.

Now i'm here. I would like to say a few words on every single staff member and some other players.

Aero - I admire the skill that you have with working on web management and PHP coding. I remember that one time when you completely broke the server by adding splash potions to vanilla. I dont like the way our friendship ended but i would like to wish you good luck with whatever you want to do.

Cake - Fuck off. one of theeeee most racist cunts i've met in my life, he also farts on his dog's face. Seriously though, Cake is amazingly skilled at coding (coded KOTH in 10 minutes). we did have our down but that was swiftly resolved. I really do believe that you will succeed in whatever you want to do and you will succeed in your new server! I know we'll stay in contact. Dont worry.

Domo - One of the chillest guys I've met. We became really close when we used to conduct our illegal deeds ;) and then we just continued to stay close after that. You dont give a fuck about anything and i respect that. Hopefully you dont stay too hooked on cs:go and actually stay sober for your education xD

njb - I always saw your servers as really cool before you came to kpvp when i saw the ugly attitude you had :P. You used to let me watch your code and i didnt understand a single line. You really are a cool guy and i cant wait to see what new server you guys will come out with next.

Kyuhl - I used to fucking hate your guts. When you had i swear i wanted to kill you. But then i began to get to know you and tbh you are a really cool guy. Always nice to everyone and you're funny in a wierd way. I know ill talk to you in the future so its all coolio.

Nik - Fucking love this guy. The realest guy i met on the server. We sort of like ranked up together. I got enforcer, he got mod, i got mod, he got admin. It wasnt exactly like that but youwere one of the only admins that used to talk to us when everyone would ignore us. Its a shame you had to go so abruptly.

Plastik - As fat as you are you are one of my closest friends. I know we''ll keep in touch so i need not to write much but you are a cool guy.

jive - fuck off. i dont need to say shit about you

Deadly - sexy as fuck. Always will be cool.

Akin - Ridiculously smart. I would always have grammar wars with you and we would secretly compete against each other with everything and you cant even lie. Osu, bans, grades. intelligence and i would always win them all ;) We had our downs to begin with but then you became a chill guy.

Shabuwa - Although we hardly talked, when we did, you were always really nice to me and we became close friends. I admire what you have been through and i respect you as a person. pm me on skype when you finish that mod bot that youve been working on for about a year ;)

xRaikoh and DSlayer - Fat whales and real cool guys. I cant believe you waited that long to show us how amazing you are at building.

Unknown - we used to be very close then you started to suck josh's dick. then we became close again and here we are today. I havent got anything bad to say about you but ya know, you're a koala.

Sizter Robin and Craftey - i havent been very close to you guys recently but i know you guys wowk/worked <--4Sizter hard at kpvp

Shaddy - Stop eating your snot and youll be cool xD. You're like really cool and a th8. Youre that guy. my nigga. And you're actually really funny.

98 and speak - Once again we hardly knew each other but from what ive seen and heard, you guys are really chill.

xPanda - My old osu buddy. At one point i was about 10x better than you and then the next day, bam, you overtook me on every single map. You're a chill black guy and i enjoy playing shit with you.

Cheese - we had our ups and downs but youre a really nice guy with a lot of patience. I like you and thats all you need to know :P

Drafteh - we never achieved our dream but i guarentee well do it in our next adventure. <3 Keep farming buddy!

Stian - I do remember when you taught me how to pvp better back when i first joined. When you were mod you was one of the nicest mods that actaully talked to me.

roebe - I like you, you're nice, dedicated and chill. Keep going man.

Phoenix - I never did like you but when i gave you another chance, you werent so bad. just dont go back to your faggot days.

Cow - I actually really like you as a person. You're nice and chill and generally a cool guy to talk to.

Dj - Whatcan i fucking say, you are my nigga. there isnt much to say other than i did really enjoy talking to you and you are a really cool guy.

Rodrigo - ce qui buerdo ist cah Pinto_veloz y tatu puta de buerda oo chill persona et carfu cool enjoyabler to talka too

Infamous - when you;re not pissing me off youre a cool guy to talk to. Stop brown nosing certains and youll get really far ;) one love man, i actually enjoyed talking to you aswell 

Darth - You have banter so its cool. I like you. You speak your mind and i like that.

savalot - bare blick

kyle boii - fucking dez de dez love you

jon boii - asshole sloth

Dirt - i know so many secrets about you so i wont be forgetting you any time soon.

well, i really hope to see you guys on the new server that im sure will do exceptionally well. Hope you all appreciate the hard work each and everyone of us out in (especially cake) and let kPvP be remembered as something that succeeded and closed for the better.

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xPandaPvP xPandaPvP 6 years ago

Awesome guy! ;)

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CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

Deadly, you're a great guy and through our ups and downs it's been a pleasure working with you :)

jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

Deadly, thanks for saying that about me :) And I have to say, your portuguese has evolved exteremly fast #proud

Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago

♡ Bye Deadly.  ♡

DomoPvP DomoPvP 6 years ago

DeadlyPrinter, I'm gonna miss you ;( You should add me on Facebook, and you better be blessing Eurogamer with your black presence.

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roebe99 roebe99 6 years ago

Goodbye Deadly! =) Great story btw (:!

Kyuhl Kyuhl 6 years ago

"I used to fucking hate your guts. When you had i swear i wanted to kill you." -DeadlySplinter

Love you too. ;) Nah but there's no point saying goodbye as I know we'll talk in the future, hope to see you elsewhere as well. Good luck!

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