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jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

I have been with kPvP for a long time now (9 months) and it has been the best experience I had in a video game. Everything was just amazing.I can still remeber when I first joined kPvP and thinking "I wish I could become a part of the staff body" knowing it was almost impossible I tried. But I only started interacting past 1 month of playing kPvP. That is when I met Deadly, lets just say without Deadly I could have never been in the position I am. All of this because he was the one that got me banned by lightingedge (very old mod), and in that day I "ran" to the TS and told a former admin (PotatoPvP aka FluxarPvP) that I just had been banned. Fluxar then moved lightning into the room and started screaming at him for banning me. I was very happy because I knew I was going to get unbanned (I didnt hack btw). That is when Deadly told me to join ts and play HG with the "gang" which at the time it was him, Muncher, orlando11 and a few others. Then a gradually started going on ts almost everyday. Passed a few weeks of going on TS I asked Deadly how he had gotten Enforcer and he told "I got recommended and I was extremely active" (something of that sort) I then told myself I was going to be very active, I just didnt know how to get recommended. When I started being very active I asked Muncher and Deadly for both of them to recommend me, and as good freinds as they are, they did. So then after getting recommended I waited a couple of days and BOOM! I got it! I couldnt express what I was feeling when Cake, Aero and Nik told me I was getting it. I was so happy and so hyped to start kicking dem ffaers! After ruffly 1 week me, Cake and NeilPvP (former Mod) were joking around on warp seeecret and Neil out of curiosity asked Cake how many kick he had and Cake told him about 200, and right after Cake checking Neils kick I asked him to check mines. And he was amazed and very surprised, so he went to talk with Aero next day they both moved me into a room and first asked me "Do you know why you are here" and I said "Because of my kicks?" and Cake said "Yes" I didnt know what to think at that time, weather if I had small amount of kicks or a really high amount of kicks. And so Cake said, you have gotten 1000 kicks in about 1 month and for that we will be giving you Mod. I was speechless. I didnt know what to think....

So yeah this is my story on the kPvP servers.

I want to thank a couple of people:

DeadlySplinter: For being my first ever friend on kPvP, for introducing me to the TS and for being there when I most needed. Without you my freind this could had never been possible.

Plastikpeppi1: My first ever german friend :P For backing me up whenever I said something wrong in enforcer chat and for helping me get enforcer.

rodripinto_98: Being the best friend I could ever have on irl life and on minecraft. Supporting me and helping winning HG!

CakePvP: Giving me the chance to become a part of the staff body and making all those new kits and features! Without him, kPvP would be nothing.

AeroPvP: Giving me a chance of being a staff memeber and making a very sexy website!

DomoPvP: Same as them ^ :P Being an awesome friend and trying to revive kHardcore once again!

NikTW: Being one of my best friends on minecraft, extremly friendly and probably the best admin on kits (No offense to the other admins :D)

InfamousPvP: For being an amazing fat friend, sometimes annoying but overrall awesome!

ShaddyPvP: Always helping me out whenever I needed!

xRaikoh: One of my portuguese buddies, never letting me down and always very friendly!

DSlayer14: Another portuguese buddy! Always helping me out on the server with hackers!

Rodrigo178: For playing with me at night when everyone was in bed, for helping me get better at PvP and for being there always for me.

TheUndercoverDj: Always be willing to play HG with me even when he didnt want to, always backing me up :P

And for the rest of the staff, thanks for being the best staff I could have ever asked! <3 CYA!

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Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago

Nice story. Bye Jive!!

jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

Nice story. Bye Jive!!

Aeenath 6 years ago

Cya :)

ShadowyEagle ShadowyEagle 6 years ago

Bye JiverTwerky ;) Ill always remember the time when I bought an alt just to name it after you :P

jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

Bye JiverTwerky ;) Ill always remember the time when I bought an alt just to name it after you :P

ShadowyEagle 6 years ago

Oh yeah! I miss pig :(

InfamousPvP InfamousPvP 6 years ago

Thanks for including me (saw the fat joke coming).

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Phoenix_Shreddie Phoenix_Shreddie 6 years ago

Gl on dojo

CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

Thanks for everything you've done Jive, you've been a true lad!

Plastikpeppi1 Plastikpeppi1 6 years ago

love you man

emiliasandstrom emiliasandstrom 6 years ago

Bye jive!

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