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TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago


So unfortunately I have heard the news. It's a shame that it's all happened so fast but because of well let's just say (fucking)"Mojang" which I'm sure everyone may know but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who I have worked with over the few months I have been enforcer.  I'm still on holiday doing surfing and shit. But it seems like we have the 15 days that we can all spend together ( 8 days from when I get back) so let's make it a good 15 days to leave on unless some magical shit happens.

 It's been a good run, thanks to everyone that has either made me laugh, cry or made me shout at my computer screen. If your so desperate ask around for my skype. If you want to keep in contact with me hop onto any Teamspeak server that is related to minecraft and I'll probably be on there somewhere or maybe kpvp ts if it's still alive. 

"Goodbye" - TheUnderCoverDj 28/07/2014 23:42 

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jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

Flarius :(

Plastikpeppi1 Plastikpeppi1 6 years ago

Darius, ily :(

CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

It's been a great run, pleasure working with you!

Kyuhl Kyuhl 6 years ago

love you darius

98DF98 98DF98 6 years ago

I say like I said on the post Kyle made. "See you later! :) 

TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago

Goodbye asshole. Nobody likes you.

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