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InfamousPvP InfamousPvP 6 years ago

Thanks to you all for such a great time here at kPvP. I've gotten to make lots of friends, help the server, and most of all have fun. This community has meant so much to me, and to have it shut down is a bullet to the heart. Hopefully I can stay in touch with you guys, and still have the fun we used to have. Thanks to Cake, Aero, and Domo for forming such a great server community. 

Special thanks to:

Plastik; You've always been there for me, and have stood up for me when I'm down. Thank you so much.

Jive;  Jive, you've also have been there for me, although at times you may have not taken me seriously as I wanted to. You've still have been there for me. Thank you.

Deadly; Although it may seem like we haven't had the best relationship, I looked up to you as a friend, companion, buddy. Thanks so much.

Shaddy; I feel like we've had so much fun together. Whether on kits, or a different server we've had a great time. Thanks.

Cake; Cake, you're always there for the server, creating kits, applying updates. Not only have you been here for the server but I looked at you as a friend. Even though we show so much hate to each other, deep down inside I felt we were friends. Thanks.

Aero; Aero, thanks for forming such a great community, and always being here for the staff and community. Thank you.

Domo; Thanks for managing the community and treating everyone like a friend and not some random guy. Thank you.

Kyuhl; You've been such a great friend not only inside of kits, but outside as well. You've been such a great admin, friend, and person in general. Thank you so much Kyle.

Robin; Thanks for being such a great friend and mod. You've always banned hackers, and assisted me with situations. I appreciated you being a part of the staff team. Thank you.

If I have forgotten you remind me and I'll make a note about you. Thanks so much to all of you for a great experience for me and all of the other players.

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Robin_DD_J Robin_DD_J 6 years ago

Why no msg i me get




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Kyuhl Kyuhl 6 years ago

will we still play guitar? <3

InfamousPvP InfamousPvP 6 years ago

will we still play guitar? <3

Kyuhl 6 years ago

Yeah we'll stay in touch man. Just make sure not to remove me from the guitar club in skype ;)

jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

Cya fatso ;(

98DF98 98DF98 6 years ago

I hope to hear from you and good luck in the future ;) 

"See you later!"

TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago · Last edited 6 years ago by TheUnderCoverDj

M9 u forget about meh I cri eri Tim .

Jk I don't need 3 sentences to sum up pour friendship because I know itd much more than that thanks for ur time at kpvp I love u tubby pony. But really thanks for ur presence Nolan.

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