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CakePvP CakePvP 6 years ago

Hey guys,

When kPvP started, we used a variety of public plugins and a very basic KitPvP plugin. I was given mod on the server, by Aero and I helped him on the plugin via saros (a plugin which should never be used for projects). I was soon given admin and we redid the plugins, this is when kPvP actually began to become what it is today. We were all very active, excited to see what was happening on the server, to see the players and what they thought of the server. I for one, would update the plugins a lot; would add a lot of features, fix bugs as soon as they were found. This is when the server would have double players on (when we had 24 slots lol). We advertised a little, got some youtubers and things. This is when our big player count came in, we had a lot of players wanting to player our server and loved the features about it. We all again, got excited about it. Again, we were repeating the old days.

This is the bit where I'll be honest about the the owners/admins. Domo, he is the coolest guy I talked to, whenever we needed help he would help us and suggest things to do, he would understand that if we were busy he'd let us off. Aero, he is also cool + awesome, he's a friendly guy but also has his downsides; there was one thing that really pissed me off about him though, he would never give us access to the actual dedicated server. He would always complain about 'data integrity' and this really pissed us developers off as if we wanted him to do something it would take him longer than it should of. Njb? He's a good developer, one thing that annoyed me though was his formatting (i died looking at it many times). Shabuwa is a very pleasant guy, he would try to make kits but he knew that I would remake them so they were better and looked nice. He would give lots of ideas to help improve kPvP. Fluxar, wow. This guy would talk to me everyday and make me laugh, we would have some banter about chantelle my so called girlfriend. NikTW disappeared, he was very active and probably banned the most amount of players. He would again, make all of us cry tears of laughter and tell us stories which didn't mean much but were always interesting for some reason. Kyuhl got admin because we knew him and thought he would be benefitial to kPvP, which he was. Again, he made us laugh and he also liked to discuss his sheep in his dominant welsh accent. For all you, thanks for being there. Love you guys <3

To the staff (mods+enforcers). I'd like to thank you all for doing your job of kicking/banning people, it really means a lot. Keep doing what you're doing, I hope you all do well in the future and get what you want. Just a few special mentions though, Plastik+Jive+Deadly+Jeppa thanks for being cool all this time, you've been with kPvP for a very long time and I hope it gets you somewhere good. As for the other mods who haven't been with kPvP for as long, thanks for everything + helping the players and just being there in general. You did everything when we weren't around. Oh, and akin; don't help out to much ;). Just for anyone wondering, akin would always be the first to make a 'congrats to name' for getting a new staff rank and would help them with the commands which really helped us owners as we weren't sure what to say when we did rank them up (we're not good at explaining things).

I'd just also like to say, thanks to fredrick118(sam). Who has been here from the very start as well. He created a lot of the builds that you see on the server and gave a lot of feedback. He joined kPvP with me, just after I closed my original server(factions/survival it was bad). He's been there for me a lot, we've talked pretty much every day and we've also met up irl. Even though you complained a lot, thanks for being here and helping <3.

Anyway, you guys know how dedicated I was to kPvP. I pushed a lot things out of my way to do things for kPvP and it's all come to this. Don't think that it's closing because of the EULA. It's because of the lack of motivation from us, we've just lost interest in this and most of the owners/admins have gone to cs:go (which i dearly hate with a passion). You have no idea how hard it is for me to write this post, I've been with kPvP from the start and watched it grow from a 24 slot server to what it is today. Thanks to everyone who helped us make what it is today, and thanks to the people who played it. It has been a pleasure creating the plugins for kPvP and watching the players use them.

If you didn't realise by down, kPvP is shutting down officially.

Peace out, love you guys.

Cake <3

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akinator127 akinator127 6 years ago

Bye everyone ;(

speakmm speakmm 6 years ago

Thanks so much for your ongoing efforts toward the server Cake.

I can see you doing very well in the future with your coding endeavours.

See you around.

CheeseKid2 CheeseKid2 6 years ago

It's been a really awesome run guys, much love <3

DistrictPlayMC DistrictPlayMC 6 years ago

This can't be happening :'(

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Plastikpeppi1 Plastikpeppi1 6 years ago

I guess thats the end. I'd like to say thank you to the players, all my friends and the staff, for making the server the best server I've ever played on. It has been the best time I've had on minecraft, thanks for everything, bye guys, I'll miss all of you. 

roebe99 roebe99 6 years ago

Thanks for everything man <3 Looking forward to the new project!

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