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Author Commit Description When Type
CakePvP6c95744Decreasing Bakers TNT fuse6 years agokKits
CakePvPaf61e14Decreasing troll 'attack back' chance6 years agokKits
njb_said8ee5757Added getPercentage method6 years agokCore
njb_said2178390Support faster block placements6 years agokCore
njb_saideadc099Remove world edit api reference from parkour and fix tutorial in no pvp area6 years agokKits
njb_said6fa3c8a5 -> 15 mins on shop6 years agoWeb
njb_said5d659e8Added view chat log6 years agoWeb
njb_saidf4df4afOnly messages within 15 minutes are shown6 years agokCore
njb_saida4886d0Times ordered properly6 years agokCore
njb_saiddceb9e9Changed storage type for reports6 years agokCore
njb_saidf22aef9Add /chatreport command for VIP and above6 years agokCore
CakePvP158be4aAdding deathspawn setting tips when warping to an arena a lot6 years agokKits
CakePvP3853481Added foundation of duel invites6 years agokKits
njb_said696c259Removed or die and added topic moving6 years agoWeb
njb_saide7c9947Removed security exploit6 years agoWeb
njb_said9b1db31Update user ip on page load6 years agoWeb