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Author Commit Description When Type
njb_saidN/AView permissions added9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/ACloudFlare IP fix implemented9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AFixed permissions for editing and deleting9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdded spacer support to forums9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdded future rewrite rules9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdded pinning and locking to forums (nice interface)9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AFixing ticket replies not changing status9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdding tooltip for staff on forum9 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AChanges page9 years agoWeb