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Author Commit Description When Type
AeroPvPN/ADeployed at commit 440b3266 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/AHighlight active commit6 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/ADeployed at commit 521c2b16 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/ABackup6 years agoSQL
AeroPvPN/AEnhancements to how support tickets are handled internally6 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AWhen replying you are redirected to the page your post is on instead of first page.6 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/ATooltips for page numbers6 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AWho is online added to forum footer, it is if you were on the forum at all not a specific thread - range: 15 minutes6 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/AFixed ban appeals - you can appeal now!6 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/A/topic/<id>/latest to get the latest post in a topic6 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/AAdded support for spoilers6 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/ATooltips for recent content added6 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AFixed sticky not displaying in correct order6 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AHomepage updated to use new forum announcements6 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/ARemoved old forum6 years agoOther
njb_saidN/ARemove quick reply from topic if locked.6 years agoWeb