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Author Commit Description When Type
AeroPvP64a6021Fix formatting of channel classes7 years agokCore
njb_said802e783Moved vanish to channels7 years agokCore
njb_saidc7b1b43Fixed weird imports with channels after moving staff7 years agokCore
njb_said95e54c1Added Channels7 years agokCore
njb_said3219603Fix NPE with effects7 years agokCore
CakePvP241e04fFixed the glorious criticals/damage7 years agokKits
CakePvPe5a96d5Removed clan battles - will be redone at a later date7 years agokKits
CakePvPef2e091Changed the strike death sound - no thunder anymore7 years agokKits
CakePvPcfdfb26Added RAGE game type to arenas7 years agokKits
CakePvPhttps:/Added new arena system7 years agokKits
AeroPvP33bbd1cFixing all tickets loading at once7 years agoWeb
CakePvP514a60fFixing odd/no-colouring on banning7 years agokCore
AeroPvP4a8326fMake the page redirect properly after a password has been set7 years agoWeb
CakePvPc12373aLoading coins for new players no longer throws an error7 years agokCore
AeroPvPcccadf5Add reporter name to reports7 years agoWeb
AeroPvPe049f43Adding a cool font to chat reports7 years agoWeb