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Author Commit Description When Type
njb_saidN/AUpdated /about8 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AUpdated to new font awesome version8 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdded clan mods to clan page (doesn't sort by rank yet)8 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AFixing blank server8 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdded getPermission for allowing users to have teleport as spectators (ignoring rank power)8 years agokCore
njb_saidN/AHighlight unread tickets8 years agoWeb
CakePvPN/ADeployed at commit c8ff0e08 years agokKits
CakePvPN/ADeployed at commit b24dfdf8 years agokCore
njb_saidN/AEditing command permission support8 years agokCore
AeroPvPN/ADeployed at commit 0928dd88 years agoWeb
CakePvPN/AAdding /kit random8 years agokKits
AeroPvPN/ADeployed at commit e5370858 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/ABlocked crash plant8 years agokCore
njb_saidN/ARemoved references to old email and updated to support ticket - /shop8 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdmin overview edited8 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AClear sessions added to settings page8 years agoWeb