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Author Commit Description When Type
CakePvPN/ADeployed at commit 988392110 years agokCore
CakePvPN/ADeployed at commit a74318b10 years agokKits
njb_saidN/AModified some escape strings10 years agoWeb
CakePvPN/AChanged MOTD10 years agokKits
njb_saidN/AFixed a null random10 years agoHub
njb_saidN/AShow change for clan persistance10 years agokCore
CakePvPN/AUpdate to 1.7.9 and fix login events10 years agokCore
njb_saidN/AFix anon not resetting colour10 years agokCore
njb_saidN/AEnforcers now get global vip10 years agokCore
njb_saidN/AFixed trails gui size10 years agokKits
njb_saidN/AAdded hardcore to /servers10 years agoWeb
KyuhlN/AHub Released!10 years agoHub
njb_saidN/AAnimal damage flag10 years agokKits
AeroPvPN/ADeployed at commit a95143610 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/AWE KNOW WHERE NIK IS10 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdded vanish and portals10 years agoHub