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Author Commit Description When Type
njb_said8b38512Changed message for clan persist7 years agokCore
njb_said16b510cRemoved message for tracker when not fist7 years agoHardcore
njb_said65b745cRemove one block elevation7 years agoHardcore
njb_said0e2f2f2Changed to double7 years agoHardcore
njb_said5268f84If no home don't send to spawn7 years agoHardcore
njb_saida4440e2Reduced teleport tick delay7 years agoHardcore
njb_said5cd8ed7Typo fixed7 years agoHardcore
CakePvP2570f08Decreasing mob spawns7 years agoHardcore
CakePvP5749abfFixed home saving7 years agoHardcore
AeroPvPcd53fcbFixed an error in version checking7 years agoWeb
AeroPvP1074725Convert site version to a 7char substring to allow version checking7 years agoWeb
AeroPvPadbe5fdAdded commits to changelog page7 years agoWeb
AeroPvPab55324Adding support for commits in changelog7 years agoWeb
njb_saidN/AAdd achievements to api7 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/ADeployed at commit 991bd657 years agoWeb
AeroPvPN/APaginate /changes and optimise loading7 years agoWeb