kPvP is closing click here for info

InfamousPvP InfamousPvP 6 years ago

Since kPvP is shutting down, I was curious as to what path you guys are going down next. So reply below where you're going next, I for one am probably going to continue to be staff on PvPDojo. Then once Njb, Cake, and Kyle's new server is released (hopefully all goes well). I'll play that and have fun with friends like we used to. You can find info at

njb_said njb_said 6 years ago

We've started work on it :)

Got a good plan down, can't say much :P

stian12345678901 stian12345678901 6 years ago

Im gonna play on pvpdojo, and hopefully start playing on cake's new project!

Aeenath Aeenath 6 years ago

I am going to try out Cluster Kits & Dojo. And I'll keep playing pot pvp on Badlion or Kohi if my PC gives me some nice fps.

I'm also applying for a few build teams, one of it was Nectar,  the HiveMC's building team, which I'm probably getting denied off since I didn't build many things,  so I am probably going to build more and see if I can go somewhere with that.

Anyway, I hope to see you guys on other servers, and I'm obviusly looking forward Cake's,  Kyuhl's and Nick's project!

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Plastikpeppi1 Plastikpeppi1 6 years ago

Well, I'll continue moderating on PvPDojo, but of Cake/Njb/Kyle's server openes, I'll definitely be there, as they're good friends for me and I want to stay in touch with everyone.

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TheUnderCoverDj TheUnderCoverDj 6 years ago

What im going to do is very similar to Aeenath except I'm going to be playing on HCF, maybe HCTeams and I think I'll improve my moderating experience by  just playing on the average joe PvP servers.

To summarise. 

-PvP dojo

- Cluster kits 

- bad lion

- Kohi ( cube core and practice, I might start playing HCF)

- maybe HCTeams

- improving mod experience by moderating on other servers

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