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jiveturkeey jiveturkeey 6 years ago

Thanks for everything, although we had our ups and downs I still respect you for everything you did.

98DF98 98DF98 6 years ago

It has been an honour to be a staff member on this awesome server. I'm sorry that it had to end... :(

I still had really awesome times here and I'll miss the server. 

I'm not sure if I'll hear from you in the future and I'd not I would like to thank you for being so nice to me when I sent you mails. You might have been annoyed of it but you keep calm and were really friendly. We have had some nice conversations on Skype once in a while and I can still look back and laugh at it... You might not say happy birthday to me and you actually never said Gratz to me... Anyway I'll always remember you and the server for all the funny moments I've had here :) 

I wishyou the best of luck with your life and everything you planned doing. The time here was great and thank you for all effort you have put into it. <3

Obaid_786 Obaid_786 6 years ago

Thanks for everything Aero! One of the best server owners I know <3 TC buddy.

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